Wilmington NC Real Estate Total Market Overview

Of all the questions that real estate agents field, “So, how is the market?” is one of the most common. “Unbelievable!” is the most common, canned, coached, scripted response that many agents are taught to give, perhaps to avoid getting into specifics. Of course if a buyer or seller is asking that question, they probably want specifics and and not a scripted, general, canned answer.  The only way to give details about the market is to study it and so we utilize this Total Market Overview as one of the methods by which we evaluate the local market.

Here are some interesting facts based on this research:

  • The most expensive house for sale in Wilmington is 7422 Sea Lilly Lane, listed for $8.2MM.  CLICK HERE to read more and see photos.
  • The least expensive house for sale in Wilmington is 1307 Nun Street, listed for $25,000, CLICK HERE for more information.
  • Currently one of the most active price points in New Hanover County is between $200,000 and $300,000- CLICK HERE to see a list of homes in that price range.
  • The Inventory Levels (CLICK HERE to learn about inventory levels from an earlier post) are eerily similar to the 2005 and 2006 real estate markets.

This research is updated regularly and we do customize information for specific purposes (neighborhoods, price ranges, and other counties).  If you’d like more information or need any help with real estate matters, please contact us!

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