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Real Estate in Southwest Chicago Suburbs

Many people think of the city of Chicago when Illinois is mentioned.  That's no wonder since Chicago is such a huge city.  But there are many surrounding suburbs that offer a more suburban feel that appeals to so many, even those that work in Chicago's busy downtown.

There are suburbs to the north, west and south of Chicago.  The south and southwest suburbs are actually the most affordable areas you can find that still have easy access to the big city.

Orland Park

Orland Park Illinois real estate is a hot commodity.  This is a large and popular suburb that has a wide selection of prices and home styles, although it tends to be thought of as one of the more affluent villages in the area.  In fact, Orland Park offers so much you never have to leave the town as there are several shopping malls, movie theaters and a wide selection of dining and entertainment choices.

Tinley Park

Another popular search for people moving or relocating to the Chicago area is Tinley Park Illinois real estate.  Tinley Park's average selling price is a bit lower than Orland Park.  It also offers many amenities including The Tweeter Center that features many different bands and concerts.  There is also a quaint little "downtown" area that features a good selection of dining and entertainment.

There are train stops in both of the above villages for easy downtown Chicago transportation.  They are also located near highways and other main thoroughfares.  Dollar for dollar, you get more for your money when purchasing in the southwest suburban area of northern Illinois.

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