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If you already have a good sense of the features you desire in your next home, then it's time to look at some of the factors that will contribute to your quality of life:

  • The commute to work: How quickly can you get to and from work? How much traffic will you encounter during the prime commuting hours on the weekdays or around shopping areas and sporting events on the weekends? Do you need access to public transportation?
  • School districts: If you have school-age children or are planning to have children, then consider the proximity of local public and private schools.
  • Access to shopping: How accessible is the nearest grocery store? How close are prime shopping areas?
  • Location: Is a view important to you? How about proximity to the beach? Would you rather a home on a quiet street or one that has easy access to a main road?
  • Public safety: How close are police and fire departments? How are the emergency medical services? Is distance to the nearest hospital important to you?
  • Parking: What is the parking situation? What size garage do you want? Do you have space to accommodate guest parking? Is street parking available?
  • Recreation Area: Do you have recreational interests to factor into your home search? How close is the nearest park? What about the beach? Or playgrounds and fitness centers?

Remember, the perfect house in a neighborhood that doesn't suit you will never feel like home. You can find information about Wilmington neighborhoods here and Wilmington schools here.

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