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Packing Tips

Whether you hire movers to pack or do it yourself, here are some suggestions to make your move more efficient:

  • Packing time is a perfect time to cut back on your possessions. Make separate areas for items to be discarded, sold, or donated to charity.

  • Buy quality supplies beginning with sturdy moving boxes in a variety of sizes as well as packing paper, bubble wrap, and packing tape. As you pack, list contents of boxes in a notebook.

  • Do not pack items that are flammable, corrosive, or explosive, such as gasoline, fireworks, aerosols, paints, pesticides, liquid bleach, paint thinner, pool chemicals, propane tanks, or Sterno.

  • Hand-carry valuables or items of personal importance or sentimental value. This includes important documents, jewelry, collections, and family photographs.

  • Pack in order. Top national movers suggest you start with out-of-season items. Next pack those items you use infrequently. Last, pack a “first night” box that contains everything you'll need for the first night in your new home such as bedding, basic kitchen supplies and toiletries.

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