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Wilmington NC Today

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Wilmington has become a destination area for a plethora of folks from baby boomers to snowbirds, empty nesters, newly started families and the hot new market of singles. There is something here for everyone with our highly rated schools, stunningly beautiful golf courses, strong cultural happenings and most importantly- water, water everywhere with a multitude of accesses. Not to mention that the real estate market in Wilmington is hot, hot, hot!

Nestled between the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean, this historic riverfront town has long been known as the “Port City of Progress and Pleasure.” Founded in 1739, Wilmington prospered during its early years as a major port and ship-building center. Wilmington today is one of the state's most delightful vacation and filmmaking destinations. Through diligent preservation efforts, buildings have been restored and maintained, creating one of the largest historic districts on the National Register of Historic Places. You can learn more about Wilmington historic homes currently for sale here.

Downtown Wilmington offers eclectic shopping, vibrant nightlife, theatrical productions, and outstanding restaurants. Just minutes away, you’ll find excellent golf courses, parks, plantations, a state university, restaurants, retailers and beautiful beaches.

Visitors can enjoy more than 45 attractions, guided tours and a variety of activities. There are 54 parks and gardens, and many arts and cultural attractions to enjoy. Traditional festivals such as the NC Azalea Festival and Riverfest, among others, celebrate the area’s arts, history and culture. Overnight options range from riverfront inns to extended stay accommodations and from chain hotels/motels to quaint B&Bs. There is plenty to do in this land of beginnings - but best of all, it is a place where you can opt to do nothing and feel good about it.

Wilmington North Carolina in the Beginning

Years ago, townspeople didn't like sailors hanging around town due to their rowdy and impolite behavior. So laws were passed barring them from staying in port for more than six hours. In addition, no merchant was to extend credit to the sailors- they could only pay cash! Sailors didn't like traveling the Cape Fear River, either. The river got its name because of its labyrinth of channels and treacherous sandbars. Please read on about Wilmington's history here.