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Submitting the Offer

One of the biggest reasons to hire a real estate agent is to insure that your interests are protected and well-represented to home sellers. We work hard to help insure you get the best price, terms and conditions possible. Below you'll find tips that help us help you:

  • Be pre-approved by a lender. This strengthens your position.

  • Provide a substantial deposit (earnest money). This shows you are serious about the property.

  • Limit your contingencies to those important to you, such as financing, inspections, and the sale of your current home if necessary.

  • Offer a fair price based on the marketplace. If your offer is too low, the seller may not even consider countering your offer.

Remember, our goal is to get you the best home under the best conditions. We will negotiate on your behalf and work hard to help you make a smart buy.

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